Tyler Brown grew up in rural Ohio, raising poultry with his family for the county fair each year during his childhood and tending to his native prairie garden.  The daily chores that usually caused arguments between he and his brother instilled a level of self-discipline and respect for the land that he now considers important values for his everyday life.  It’s curious how the things we dreaded as kids follow us into adulthood passions.

After receiving a degree in biology, he combined that passion with design and retail to manage several garden centers.  While managing the current garden center, he dreamed of owning his own farm. In 2017, he took the leap after years of research to start Stone Cut Farm. Carefully balancing both full-time jobs, he makes it possible to deliver to his wholesale customers while managing a garden center team.

“It is an honor when looking at photos of my family’s agricultural history, to say that I am carrying on an unconventional version of the traditions that my grandparents’ families survived off.” The most excitement comes from dreaming about endless possibilities for the future of Stone Cut Farm.

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