The story of Stone Cut Farm is not just about the business itself. The farm owes its identity to place. There is an emphasis on the definition of place because it is not an inanimate thing.  The life that breathes through the farm is defined by the people that steward it, the plants that put their roots into the soil, and the land that is defined by its bedrock and proximity to fertile Lake Erie.



Imagining a farm without people is incomprehensible. The team that develops, plans, sows, tends, harvests, and markets a bunch of dahlia stems know that it is no easy task. It takes cooperation, empathy, and passion to hold a team together.  We consider the florists we sell to and the community we grow from, members of this team as well. It is these relationships that are held to the highest regard, because everyone’s well-being contributes to a high-quality product and fulfilled customers.


Working closely with other farms, florists, seed companies, and bulb producers, Stone Cut Farm strives to grow the healthiest, most unique (and sometimes weird) varieties of flowers, foliage, cut branches, fruits, and vegetables to be used in floral design.  This means going beyond traditional cut varieties and trialing plants that may otherwise get looked over. This is also means staying as natural as possible when it comes to farming practices. We try to use the most environmentally friendly chemicals when it comes to keeping pests to a minimum and Great Lakes friendly when it comes to fertilizers. These considerations keep our community safe and our customers coming back for more.




The opportunity Stone Cut Farm has to promote itself, not only as a business, but as a member of the Great Lakes regional community is immeasurable. People want to know who grows their food, who bakes their bread, who grows their flowers because it allows them to feel greater pride for themselves and their community.  They know that what they are buying has been grown with the attention to land stewardship and the employees are neighbors in their community. This creates community ownership that sets them apart in unique ways. We want to help foster this collaboration and pride within our community.